Tablets and laptops are two different product categories and blending them together will only hurt Apple

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The iPad Pros are here for a long time now. From their origin in 2015, they have evolved as a unique product category over the last 6 years. But the question of whether the “iPad Pros can replace your laptop?” came into the scene with the reveal of the third generation of the devices, in 2018.

When they introduced the 2018 version, it was out of proportion to similar products in its category. Its design was classy and modern, had a 120Hz display(even the second generation iPad Pros had this) which no other tablet in the market had by then…

Mozilla Firefox has risen from the ashes…

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I was a Firefox user. I was a loving Firefox user when I started using the internet. After first installing the internet on my house way back in 2007, the first thing I did was to open Internet Explorer and download Firefox. I was 12 years old back then and my favorite computer magazines bombarded Mozilla Firefox with praise those days. It was open-source, and it was so much better and more secure than the only other option then, Internet Explorer. And I loved the logo.

But once Google Chrome was introduced a few years later, I just shot up…

I gave up sugar for 30 days and loved what it brought to my life.

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If I’m the king, then sugar is my queen…

Well, this is a good statement to put forth to describe my eating habits. Consumption of sugar is something we all want to cut down on as it is harmful to health if we take too much of it. Well, anything is bad if you take too much (even water), but sugar is something that we can’t really see past as that sweetness is much more powerful than the will of most of us.

Some people just don’t get along with sugar, but for me, it was the complete opposite. So…


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Everyone appreciates a good life hack, particularly one that is simple to learn.

Though one minute does not seem to be a long time to learn a valuable talent, you'd be surprised how much you can do in 60 seconds or less.

1.Money Organizer

When you need to buy something you know you don't need, just keep the money you're going to pay in one hand and the object in the other and ask yourself, "What do you want more?"

2. Drink water as soon as you wake up.

Water in large quantities is often beneficial, and when consumed first…

Zoom video communications

Zoom Video Communications
Zoom Video Communications
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In the last year, Zoom has gone from an app used by businesses around the world to an app relied on daily by almost everyone online from video conferences to remote education Zoom is a standard for a lot of us now but that doesn’t mean we’re all experts in the app just yet whether you’re on desktop or mobile learning how to use Zoom’s more advanced features can elevate your experience and that includes knowing how to change your background Zoom makes it easy to customize your virtual background from a photo image. …

Pomodoro technique is a brilliant ice-breaker to get you started on work

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Think about that essay you have to write within 2 days or the business report you have to write this weekend or even your daily workout. What is the most difficult part of the job which is common to all of those? If you think about it, getting started is the toughest part of anything you have to do. If we can get started, then the resistance will go away after some work and we can carry on from thereon. So if you struggling with getting started on anything, it is better to use some help to get that initial…

A bigger bother to the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is a must if Apple really thinks iPad is the future of computing

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The iPad has become a synonym for a tablet nowadays. Eventhough Android phones are giving iPhones a run for their money in the smartphone market saturated with number of manufacturers, the tablet market is mostly is in the Apple’s pocket. After the first iPad introduced in 2010, they have only grown in popularity and due to that Apple expanded iPad lineup to include iPad Mini, iPad Air and the pinnacle in the form of iPad Pro.

A new Ipad Pro is just around the corner. This time, the excitation for iPad Pro might be less than for that of 2018…

Tesla’s masterplan is going to be completed within next few years

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Tesla is not a automaker which dropped from the heaven and become a hit. It took several years of ‘going through hell’ to make it to this point, and surprisingly, it took few years even after the release of Model 3 to make Tesla more stable.

But, Tesla cars are not cheap. There is no way round that. Even if we consider Model 3, it is still higher in price than the average price for a new midsized car which is $25,000.

And the higher end Model S starts at $75,000 and Model X starts at over $80,000. These prices…

If Apple Kills the Port ...

Forget about USB-C on an iPhone — NEVER going to happen,,
Forget about USB-C on an iPhone — NEVER going to happen,,
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Now there are some reports coming out from Apple. So, according to these reports, the USB-C iPhone that we had been hoping for is not coming. So these reports say that Apple has no plans to give the iPhone a USB-C iPhone and a power button integrated Touch ID. So we thought we'd be able to look at both of these technologies in the 2020 iPad Air so we could look at a similar iPhone in the future.

So these reports show us a few more things, that Apple will go straight to a portless iPhone instead of a USB-C…

The Science of Lucid Dreaming

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What if we could control our dreams? When most of us dream, our thoughts and actions are involuntary, the dream plays out as if we were watching a movie. But not all dreams are the same. There is another kind of dreaming called lucid dreaming, which is more like playing a video game than watching a movie.

By definition, lucid dreaming is simply the act of knowing that you’re dreaming. Whilst you’re dreaming. Most people actually think of lucid dreaming more in the sense of actually controlling what you’re dreaming. …

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