Tesla’s masterplan is going to be completed within next few years

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Tesla is not a automaker which dropped from the heaven and become a hit. It took several years of ‘going through hell’ to make it to this point, and surprisingly, it took few years even after the release of Model 3 to make Tesla more stable.

But, Tesla cars are not cheap. There is no way round that. Even if we consider Model 3, it is still higher in price than the average price for a new midsized car which is $25,000.

And the higher end Model S starts at $75,000 and Model X starts at over $80,000. These prices…

If Apple Kills the Port ...

Forget about USB-C on an iPhone — NEVER going to happen,,
Forget about USB-C on an iPhone — NEVER going to happen,,
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Now there are some reports coming out from Apple. So, according to these reports, the USB-C iPhone that we had been hoping for is not coming. So these reports say that Apple has no plans to give the iPhone a USB-C iPhone and a power button integrated Touch ID. So we thought we'd be able to look at both of these technologies in the 2020 iPad Air so we could look at a similar iPhone in the future.

So these reports show us a few more things, that Apple will go straight to a portless iPhone instead of a USB-C…

The Science of Lucid Dreaming

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What if we could control our dreams? When most of us dream, our thoughts and actions are involuntary, the dream plays out as if we were watching a movie. But not all dreams are the same. There is another kind of dreaming called lucid dreaming, which is more like playing a video game than watching a movie.

By definition, lucid dreaming is simply the act of knowing that you’re dreaming. Whilst you’re dreaming. Most people actually think of lucid dreaming more in the sense of actually controlling what you’re dreaming. …

Apple is rumoured to add fingerprint sensors back on iPhones

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We are all in a pandemic. Even though vaccination process is starting throughout the world, life won’t return to normal for a long time. May be it will never be the same again, who would know?

On top of everything we have do different due to the prevailing condition, we have to put down our masks (very wrongfully) or to type the passcode whenever we want to have a peek at our phone. As convieient as FaceID has been over the last 3 years, this pandemic has made us think back about that old fingerprint reader.

Apple is reportedly working…

For more than a half-decade now, they're way above the rest of the competition

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Apple unleashed its’ first Macs with the M1 chipset last few weeks ago and put out some insane performance claims out of the door during the virtual keynote. Although Apple chips are already several steps ahead in the mobile platforms, those claims by Apple last month about M1, seemed hyped.

But after seen the early reviews of the first Macs with M1 chipset proved that Apple truly gave birth to a game-changer. Apple’s new approach didn’t only juice up the performance, but significantly improved the battery life as well. …

Stay motivated by staying consistent.

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What is motivation?

Stay motivated by staying consistent.

Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.

Every time you hear the word “motivation”, you probably picture a situation when somebody tells you: and you feel very motivated. You feel that NOW is the right time to start work. That now is the right time to start doing something. That now is the right time to work on becoming a new person.
No. That’s bullshit. This motivation is to feel good but it is just an Outer motivation. …

Apple to finally jump into the next level in smartphones

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The iPhone 12 is great. It has won the hearts of customers with its sleek, flat-edged design, improved camera, great screen, and many other features. But if we think about it, it is the same experience we had with almost every other iPhone, or with any other phone for that matter. Smartphones are kind of boring now. When a new phone comes out, it makes our eyes glitter looking at all the new features. But after using it for 2 days, it is all the same thing with minor improvements.

The task to make smartphones interesting is a tough task…

What is the purpose of our life?

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What is the purpose of our life?

Many of us think that the purpose of life is to accumulate wealth because money can fetch you everything including happiness. Wealth is an important determinant of people’s satisfaction with their lives, but it is far less important than most people think. Happiness depends on other factors more than it depends on wealth. Some people think that the purpose is to live an intelligent life. Others think that it is to live a happy life. Yet, others believe that a combination of wealth, happiness, and intelligent life, in some proportion, is the purpose of life.

Life has an extraordinarily deep…

What the hell is this?

Tesla is a behemoth in the auto industry. As of now, it is the most valued automaker in the world. Tesla is bound to doom one way or another.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash 😯TESLA selling their company to APPLE?

Will Tesla sell its business to Apple?

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla has confirmed that this is not just a rumor.

Elon Musk noted that Apple didn’t respond to a decision to sell 10% percent of Tesla’s total value during the darkest days of the Model 3 program.

Besides, Apple has decided to release an electric car in 2021. And now there are many who enter the scene with a good potential to topple the Tesla. Apple…

The best writer is inside you and only you can dig him out

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You come to your Medium Homepage and start scrolling through the suggestions for the day. You are greeted with ‘How to write an article a day’, ‘How to write articles others want to read’, ‘How to be a top writer in Medium in 4 months’ and the list goes on.

It’s so tempting to read as many articles about developing your writing skills as a new writer. Heck, most of the suggestions on my Medium homepage is also on how to be a good writer. I still read a few articles about those. It motivates you, makes you want to…

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